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It was not, as some people supposed, that she did not know that the Nargles were not real. But it became easier, if you believed in Nargles, to believe in all kinds of other things and so, to remain serene and unruffled even in the most trying of circumstances.

If you can’t believe in six impossible things about the world, her mother would say, how will you ever believe all the impossible things that people will do?

And if you could believe in one impossibility, it became easier to believe in so many implausibilities. Little things that all added up to big things and people, with their odd inner live became less incomprehensible and all the more understandable.

And in time, Luna found that of all her friends, it was she who believed that people, with all their follies and all their dark little cupboards full of secrets they would much rather no one knew, were not as averse to change (for the better) as they imagined. They could change; one only needed to give them a gentle push in the right direction. Luna, out of all of them, remained the gentle reminder that there is always hope, even when evil seems to overshadow everything, if only one knew how to believe in impossibilities.

If you could believe in Nargles, you could believe in people.

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